• Sangita submitted a new recipe, Aloo Posto 1 year ago

    Aloo Posto is one of the popular recipes in West Bengal.You can have it with hot steamed rice or roti.

  • Sangita changed their profile picture 1 year ago

  • Sangita submitted a new recipe, Langcha Bengali Sweet 1 year ago

    Bengal is known for its culinary world. One of the most popular desserts is Langcha, a Bengali sweet.

  • Sangita submitted a new recipe, Steamed mustard Hilsa/ Ilish bhapa 1 year, 5 months ago

    Hilsha bhapa is an authentic Bengali cuisine. It is one of the signature dish in Bengali community. Steamed Hilsa is also known as Ilish bhapa in Bengali. A must try for the food lover to enjoy the flavors.

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