10 benefits of Custard Apple (Sitaphala)

Custard apple, also known as Sitaphal in India, is a subtropical fruit belonging to the Annonacea family. It is known by different names worldwide. It has a sweet and delicious taste with a creamy and granular texture flesh, surrounded by seeds. The skin of the fruit is thin and tough, mostly black and green in color.

Benefits of Custard Apple

  1. For a better immune system: Custard apples are an excellent source of natural antioxidant, vitamin C. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Including it in our diet helps us in improving our resistance against infectious agents.
  1. Natural Anti-cancerous properties: Custard apple, from tree to the fruit contains various medicinal values. The bark of custard apple contains astringent properties and tannins, which is utilized for making herbal supplements. These supplements help in the treatment of several types of cancer and tumors. The fruit contains compounds like acetogenin and alkaloids that reduce the risk of cancer and renal failure. It acts against cancer cells, without adversely affecting healthy cells. Antioxidants such as asimicin and bullatacin are also found to have anti-cancer and anti-helminthes properties. These antioxidants neutralize the effects of free radicals, preventing cancer. It also contains significant fiber, which protects the colon membrane by warding off toxic substance from the gut, reducing the risk of liver and colon risk. It also provides protection from breast cancer. The acetogenin compounds in custard apple help in the eradication of pre-cancerous skin lesion, preventing skin cancer.
  1. For better Brain health: Custard apple is an excellent source of Vitamin B complex, which controls the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) neuron chemical levels in the brain. This helps to calm down stress, tension, irritability and depression. It also protects from Parkinson’s disease. 100 grams of custard apple contain 0.6 grams of vitamin B6, amounting to about 20% of the daily recommended value.
  1. Keep Anemia away with Custard Apple: High levels of iron in custard apple helps in curing anemia. The fruit is extraordinary help in treating vomiting, gout and vitamin deficiency.
  1. For better cardiovascular health: The combination of sodium and potassium in custard apple helps in regulating and controlling blood pressure fluctuations in our body. The balanced mixture of Magnesium, Niacin and fiber keeps the heart in check from any strokes, jerks, cramps or cardiac attacks. While lowering bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body. It also prevents the absorption of cholesterol in the gut. Custard apple also prevents the free radicals from attacking lipid, promoting heart health.
  1. Good for skin rejuvenation: Custard Apple is an excellent source for antioxidants and Vitamins which are essential in rejuvenating skin’s health.
  1. Delays ageing and keeps skin youthful: Regular consumption of custard apple thickens and stimulates the collagen to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It increases the deposition of collagen and slows its breakdown, improving the elasticity of the skin. It also improves hydration in and around the cells. Vitamin C in custard apple combats free radicals in the body, providing a healthy, flawless and glowing skin. It promotes a healthy cell membrane. The antioxidants in custard apple neutralize free radicals, hastening the process of regeneration. It helps to delay the signs of ageing like age spots and blemishes. The antioxidants fight the harsh rays of the sun, protecting from sun damage. Consumption of custard apple helps in the regeneration of skin cells and contributes in making the skin youthful.
  1. Good for pimple-prone skin: Consumption of custard apple decreases sebum production, controlling acne and pimples. Mix custard apple paste with lemon juice and use it three times a week to control sebum production. The anti-inflammatory properties of custard apple fight acne and clear the pores to prevent further breakout.
  1. For better collagen levels: Vitamin C in custard apple contributes to the development of collagen, a protein which makes up the major portion of our hair and scalp.
  1. Prevents premature graying: The high levels of copper in custard apple contribute to the formation of melanin, preventing premature hair graying. It also maintains the natural color of the hair.

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