About Us

We are a city-based startup/e-commerce website founded by Chandan and Dilip, a duo passionate about food from the land reaching the masses! We connect with small farmers in and around Bengaluru to procure fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, millets, lentils, even honey, and eggs. Simply connect with us through our website or Instagram and we will be more than happy to customize a box full of everything you need and send it across.

Our Philosophy

Nature is beautiful by itself. We should work with nature, as the saying goes “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” We work with farmers who believe in the concept of working with nature and not against it. Who believe in growing ethically and not use chemicals.


We work with various farmers, scientists, agriculturists, and also doctors to ensure to get the best products to our online stores.

Why Everybody Love Our Products

Premium Quality

We buy premium quality products & fresh produce from our farmers at  the right prices which are set by them


We employ affordable innovative methods in our farming. Trial and error are always our go to methodology.

Farm to table

No middleman system. Whatever is grown on the farm is harvested and delivered in a short span of time. Farmers earn absolute benefits

Key to success

Patience is a virtue. We practice it in waiting for the appropriate time to ethically harvest from nature.

Natural Ingredients

Snacks, savories, sweets, and other products are made of naturally grown ingredients by the farmers. Traditional recipes and methods

Available to talk

We believe in having meaningful conversations with our Customers and our Farmers.