My Journey as a Soilprenuer and not just as a Soloprenuer

Hi Friends, Peers and my Extended Support Network. We know It’s been a while something had cooked up (read that as what have we been upto anyways??) from Bhojanalay.  But Trust us we were not busy with the Festival season or brooding about rains in Bangalore commuting from work.

Rather than that, I with my Team was busy experimenting and getting our hands dirty the ecological way. Yes you read that right. We might be 30+ today with a cushioned job and well to do stable incomes. But oh the perils of White Collar Saturation are better left than talked about online.

Necessity is the mother of all invention. I must add on a candid note. This job will look after my present but what about my true inner calling down lane?

Being an inquisitive person from my college days, I was concerned about the How’s as they decidedly helps in connecting the end’s or shall we say “Connect the Dots”. This is about what we eventually like/love and even adore irrespective of what we apart from our profession.

Today’s era is all about investing and betting right on Human Capital. However, it’s easier said than done. If raising capital is one issue we honestly face ourselves in our Daily Rat Race for Survival. Investment in Right Avenues becomes a Herculean Challenge as eventually the Business becomes too Monotone or Mainstream.

Here is where I remember Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote which read, “To Make Money unto yourself is a challenge but the day you start thinking about how can you contribute to others / you have attained your solution”…This was what prompted me to start Bhojanalay.

Add to that, Chandan’s and my eternal craze of Annavru films. (Bangarada Manushya) if I am to mention here as an avid Annavru fan.

However, we as Human Beings are experts in Planning and Reason Givers when it comes to implementation. This is where I would like to thank to my family, my peer network and most importantly, my friends Chandan and Sunil who are land owners and allowing me to do all the trial and error at their farm with them near Devanahalli for literally next to nothing.

While Chandan is a composed, can do; let’s get our hands dirty for our passion types. Sunil is a head strong; wait and watch yet will involve the bureaucracy for assistance provided the model is a unique and first of its kind person. I sure am learning a lot about entrepreneurship, negotiation and cold sales techniques from them.

Oh did I forget I love mentoring, public speaking and would like to speak about Organic Farming if provided an able opportunity. Do take time to check me out on LinkedIn.

Anyways, my journey as an Organic Soilprenuer begins now. I am interested in growing my vegetables and my fruits myself (tried it at my home terrace but it was not successful). I then realized a larger patch of land was required. Now we can say we are successfully growing radishes, carrots, beans and even green leafy legumes. All this is being done without giving them any artificial fertilizers or chemical manure. I SHALL GET TO THE REASONS IN MY UPCOMING BLOG VERY SOON WITH STATISTICS!!

That essentially means I am growing up a pumped up Body Builder (550 grams of Raw Raddish, Carrot) without any supplements or any induced chemicals. And we are mighty proud of this Herculean step with the Tweaked Agricultural Initiatives we are doing here at the operations site.

A huge shout out to all of you for taking time to read what we have been up to till now. We also would like to add that we just wrapped up our first season of harvest. All Thanks to Good Rains, festivals, an able word of mouth network and most importantly with “All of Your Endeavored Support”. The Journey has just begun. Welcome to the ever expanding community of Soilprenuership today exclusively at Bhojanalay where Growing and Consuming Food is a Holistic Art, Science and Management.

Adios for now….

Dilip Ramadas

Chief Mentor @ Bhojanalay

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I am Dilip Ramadas. I'm the founder of My mother is the inspiration behind this website. My mother's recipes and culinary art needed a permanent place. So I built I am a foodie and I like to write reviews of food and restaurants.

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