Preparation time
120 mins
Cooking time
10 mins
4 people
Meal course
Posted by
Posted on
750 grams
Flour (Maida)
500 grams
1 per taste
1 to deep fry
Refined oil/ mustard oil

Bhatura is a fluffy deep-fried leavened bread. It is often eaten with chickpea curry, chole or channe, making the traditional dish chole bhature. Here is the chola recipe link.

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Sunita Sinha

Sunita is a stay at home who loves to cook and is an amazing baker. Her passion includes organic terrace gardening.

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  1. Dough should be prepared 3 hours before in summer. In winter, 5 hours before cooking
  2. And keep it in warm place
  3. Roll it like puri
  4. And fry it in refine oil

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