Pudina Pullav

Preparation time
15 mins
Cooking time
30 mins
3 people
Meal course
Entrée/Main Course
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1 cup
Chopped Mint leaves
1 handful
Coriander leaves
6 medium
Green chillies
1 Tbsp
Garlic paste
1 Tbsp
Ginger paste
1 cup
Chopped Onion
1 pinch
Cinamon powder
1 Tbsp
Jeera powder
1 Tbsp
Garam masala
5 Tbsp
1 Tbsp
3 cup
6 cup
8 medium
cashew nuts
1 Tbsp
Pudina Pullav

Pudina is nothing but Mint leaves. Pudina pullav is good for health. Especially for kids. Usually every month I prepare this dish. Every one likes this dish at my home. Friends… there is lot of benefits from this herb.Usually for vegetarians it is one of the tasty and healthy dish. Mint, the well known mouth and breath freshener that is scientifically known as Mentha, has more than two dozen species and hundreds of varieties. It is a herb that has been used for hundreds of years for its remarkable medicinal properties.

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Vindya sharma

Vindya is a full time stay at home mom who loves to spoil her kids amazing healthy food. Her recipes needed a permanent home and bhojanalay.com has been second kitchen.

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  1. Take a steam cooker and add 8 spoons of oil.
  2. Once oil is heated add jeera seeds and saute it for few seconds.
  3. Add 1 spoon of garlic and ginger paste. Fry it.
  4. Then add chopped green chillies and fry it.
  5. Add the grinded mint leaves paste and chopped mint leaves as well. Fry it well.
  6. Add chopped coriander leaves.(its optional).
  7. Add 1 spoon of garam masala powder and salt to taste.
  8. Add 3 cups of Basmati rice and add 5 cups of water. Mix the rice well with the above prepared masala.
  9. Close the cooker lid.Whistle the cooker for 3 times and switch off the stove.
  10. Once the cooker is cooled open the cooker lid and mix the pudina rice well.
  11. Now it is ready to serve for 3 people.

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