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On a rainy Saturday,  I chose to step out with my friend and his wife who had come from Shangai, China for a drive and some grub. Rain, friends, car, conversations, best combination you could ever think of. Only thing missing was some good food. I had heard of new cafe which had been started by Olive Planet. Olive planet is a premium military gear seller and have started a cafe near the Baglur Junction (after REVA University). 

Thanks to the weather, the cafe location resembled a hill station cafe. The military tent immediately catches your attention. Spread across to cover 5 picnic tables. Each big enough to accommodate 4 people on each side of the table. But we quickly moved to the smaller tables next to the tent. We wanted to use the opportunity to enjoy open weather after it had stopped raining but within in no time we had to shift right in the tent thanks to the rain gods! 

It was an elaborate and clean menu with quite a lot of continental dishes listed down in it. With all the excitement, I took the lead on ordering the food from the menu for the three of us. Since my friend’s wife had a sore throat, I asked for hot water, to which the waiter politely answered “we don’t have hot water”. I couldn’t stop smiling because I was thinking of responding “not to shower…to drink..she has sore throat!” 🙂

Food: I went crazy with ordering food because I had skipped lunch it was already close to 3:30pm. I ordered Penne De Arrabbiata (from under Pastas because the waiter confirmed that none of the lamb stuff was available), Grilled Greek Toss (from under the Steaks), Roasted Prawn BBQ (from under the Sizzlers), Caesar Salad (from under Salad) and Hot Filter Coffee (from under Beverages). All of these dishes are mentioned in one breath, because they ALL TASTED THE SAME! Believe it or not, Penne De Arrabbiata, Grilled Greek Toss and Roasted Prawn BBQ had the same gravy poured over it. The chicken in the dishes was not cooked enough as it was still crunchy. I’m not sure if the rice was supposed to be that way but it was still chewy and not well cooked. Although, the Hot Filter Coffee was better than the food, totally loved it. Ordered 3 more cups of coffee for myself. The food actually has given me an upset stomach but I’m writing this review through that! 

Ambiance: The cafe has a shooting range which is right next to their store. A few enthusiasts were busy there with the guns and shooting at the targets. Some busy shopping at the store, some browsing through the menu at the cafe and waiting for their orders. 

Service: The service was prompt. There was only one waiter and the chef/sous chef substituting as a waiter once in a while. Took time to bring us the food. I am usually willing to wait for the food (reassures me that food is well cooked.). But somehow this it seemed like it was just a delay in service.

The food has left me with a bad experience, health and hole in my pocket.

  • Ambiance
  • Taste
  • Value for money
  • Hygiene


Quickly work on the food quality or it will be just famous for Hot Filter Coffee.

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