The inception of farm visits

We at work with farmers who grow greens, vegetables, cereals, and fruits through Organic or Natural way of farming with no chemical insecticides and pesticides. The project and the company were started 2 years ago with the selling of few greens grown at Kempegowda Organic Farms to relatives, colleagues, and friends. Later, it was scaled up to assist the small scale farmers. At present, we work closely with 6-8 farms and we provide consultation, forecasting and logistics support. The project which started with 2-3 products, at present sells about 50-70 products including the seasonal crops and fruits.

We were approached by many friends, colleagues, and customers to arrange for a farm visit to show them, how the food reaches their plate. However, due to time, weather and crop cycle constraints we were unable to plan. We planned the farm visit for the weekend at our farmer Jagadeesh’s farm which is located near Ghati Subramanya at the outskirts of Bangalore. Jagadeesh who is an IT professional, due to passion started organic farming of guavas with ultra-high-density planting, for the same he was awarded by Karnataka Agriculture department. In 4 acres, other than guavas he grows 2 varieties of dragon fruit (pink and white), moringa, and other fruits at the small scale.

(From left) Kishore, Franziska Naduo and Chandan Kempegowda

Dilip (Founder), Franziska Naduo, Kishore and I, visited the farm in the afternoon and it started to drizzle once we entered the farm. We sat with the farmer and we were welcomed with freshly cut dragon fruit and guavas. Later, Jagadeesh explained how he is growing the fruits with the organic method by just using Jeevamrutha, panchagavya, and neem fertilizers. Guavas yield in the first year was more than expected and it was well-received in the market for its taste and the quality. The samplings are pruned and made not grow above 4 feet in the ultra-high-density farming method and above mentioned fertilizers are fed every alternate week and he says that maintaining the plants in this method is very easy.

Next, we moved to the Dragon fruit plantation aged about 18 months. The plants do not require much care as they belong to the cactus family, and they require very less water, approximately 8 liters per plant/week with no fertilizer/insecticide requirement. The first crop yielded about 8 tonnes and it is very profitable in nature as the fruit yields good price in the market. For his methods and technicalities, he is being consulted by many farmers who want to grow these fruits. 

(From left) Chandan, Kishore, Jagadeesh Giri, Dilip Ramadas, Franziska Naduo

The visitors were educated about the farming techniques, growing, and harvesting. We were asked to harvest the fruits and it was a feast for the senses to watch the entire farm and to enjoy it far from the chaos of everyday life.

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Chandan is actively employed by an MNC as a Financial Analyst. He also happens to be a 5th generation agriculturist. He is an active organic farming enthusiast and promotes organic farming in every possible way, including writing about it, attending seminars, connecting with like-minded people.

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