Weekend of a Soilprenuer

Oh it’s just another Weekend to Oh Yeah it’s finally the Weekend…

Yippee finally it’s TGIF (Read that as Thank God its Friday read in perception as Fryday) by many in the Corporate sector. Yes with ever increasing Micro Management increasing substantially in the name of “Outcome Oriented Approach”, “Holistic approach”, “360 degree approach” and what not, the onus of saturation eventually falls back on the employee bearing it.

Now don’t ask me what saturation levels are or get me started on micro management though. You the one reading this knows that better than me 😉

For some it’s just another scathed or unscathed week at work. For a large crowd it’s about drowning their miseries over a couple of beers/liquor, good food and heading back home safe.

Its Bakrid tomorrow. Bakrid or Eid-al-Adha literally translates to ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’. This was a supreme act which was honored as the act of obedience by Ibrahim to God’s ultimate command of sacrificing his son. However, Holy Angel Gabriel comes and rescues them both by putting a sacrificial lamb in his son’s place.

The reason I say this small yet lucid story my dear peers, friends, mentors and my Fan Network at Bhojanalay is “Sometimes you should also learn to play the act of Gabriel” and not act as Devil re-incarnated under tactical scenarios to saturate another hapless being when treading the Corporate Ladder and most importantly learn to share the spoils as well.

On this occasion Bhojanalay would like to take this opportunity to wish the entire Muslim Brethren globally a Safe Bakrid. Do take time to check we have in special for you to prepare on the eve of Bakrid exclusively from the house of Bhojanalay now…

Anyways back to our topic of Discussion, for many a typical Weekend is all about

  1. Wrapping up Work
  2. Hitting the Pub/Bottle
  3. Catching up on Friends
  4. Long Travel Plans
  5. Extended Sleep Plans
  6. Shopping and Repeat Cycle!!

This is where I have seen people suffer from an early burnout. My advise here as a Soilprenuer is ‘What are you giving back to Mother Nature? Or how are you minimizing your carbon footprint as we are all consuming more than giving back from the moment we wake up every single day?!

It’s easier to advice, but here is where I am being pragmatic. We need to give our progeny a better future else they shall be eventually forced to buy oxygen in tanks in our elusive chase for money. We already are paying an in exorbitantly surcharge for our Water, Electric and Gas upkeep already. 

I remember seeing a saying about Water an essential commodity in present context which read as


– Our Grandfather saw it in Rivers

– Our Father used to see it in Wells

– We saw it in Taps

– Our Generation is seeing in bottles

When I read this my guess heads to where are headed to?  Thus I advocate for the staunch conservation of Water and other natural resources. Thus continues the Journey of the Soilprenuer where I make it a point to visit Chandan and Sunil Farms early in the morning every weekend.

My schedule begins with consumption of a long glass of organic milk at Chandan’s farm. The milk is served fresh in a tall bronze glass by his mom and is amazingly sweet not requiring any artificial sweeteners at all.

We then take the Milk and sell it at the nearest Diary point. We also meet some Villagers who are very interested about our Organic Farming initiatives and even exchange pointers. Having been in Corporate Sector for more than a Decade I can say the Pointers are straight and to the point and not with any Malice as they know “We are all eventually eating What Mother Nature Gives us”…

We then head back to a hearty organic breakfast in the midst of Nature. Even the plantain leaves goes back to manure and composting. You also can order your plantain/ areca nut leaves to dine organically here to start dining organically starting today.

Post this we start watering our produce or check our produce. We are also in plans of introducing Dry Drip Irrigation system for our next season. This ensures best rotation of water in minimal wastage. Also the produce of vegetables we are launching will be more exciting and nutritious.

This takes up much of my weekend time and I am exuberant to say that not only am I giving back to Mother Nature, I am also contributing back to a Greener Earth. Most importantly I look for the weekend as it promises everything new every time.

Happy Weekend Everyone.  A huge shout out to all of you for taking time to read what we have been up to till now. The Journey has just begun. Welcome to the ever expanding community of Soilprenuership today exclusively at Bhojanalay where Growing and Consuming Food is a Holistic Art, Science and Management.

Adios for now….

Dilip Ramadas

Chief Mentor @ Bhojanalay

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I am Dilip Ramadas. I'm the founder of bhojanalay.com. My mother is the inspiration behind this website. My mother's recipes and culinary art needed a permanent place. So I built bhojanalay.com. I am a foodie and I like to write reviews of food and restaurants.

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